About Us


FINECON, s.r.o. is a scientific enterprise specialized in research, development and production of Bio-enzymatic pure natural products. Over twentyfive years of design and product development enables us to supply reliable high quality products using the Nature´s own activity.


is a part of FINECON, our slovak family enterprise. Under the brand we are creating for You bio-enzymatic products, using the magic power of Nature to achieve marvellous results.
products are designed to protect the health of families and the environment from harmful effects of chemical cleaning products.
They are based on the time-proven bio-enzymatic processes our Nature has been using (cleaning waste water, ground, air …) for millions of years.

By always adhering to the ISO 9001 quality policy and insisting on scientific innovation we are bringing forward the brand strategy, which is unifying all our bio-enzymatic products.

Our mission

The creation of Natural, Health protecting, Safe and Efficient products for our customers, their families and pets and for our Planet Earth.

Our commitment: To protect your Health, the Environment you are living in and our Planet.

Business philosophy: Quality, innovation, health and environment protection.
Corporate responsibility: To create value for customers, to care for our employees.



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