Fat, Oil and Grease Degrader

BIO GL200 developed for the maintenance of grease traps (GT) and drain lines. It reduces deposits and bad odours. It features the ability to work in an environment with low and high pH.
The product represents a further step in biological treatment technologies of drains and grease traps. It contains natural unique microbial cultures which rapidly degrade and digest fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
BIO GL200 uses the nature´s Bio-enzymatic process to reduce trapped FOGs (fat, oil, grease) in GTs and BOD in the effluent , maintain free-flow in drains, drain lines and reduce odours in GTs and drain lines. Product changes FOGs into water and carbon dioxide which run harmlessly down the drain.
BIO GL200 is saving money and ensuring a healthy working / living environment.

POWER OF NATURE to eliminate FOGs.

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BIO GL200 5l
68,50 €
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