Stain+Odour Eliminator (2pcs)

Stain+Odour Eliminator (2pcs)

Removes odour and stain (urine, excrements, sweat, vomit, smoke, food, ...) caused by humans and animals on carpets, upholstered furniture, textiles, curtains, shoes, pet beddings, ...

Stain+Odour Eliminator contains concentrated powerful beneficial microorganisms  that eliminate dirt/waste/odour directly at the place of origin - decompose dirt and consume it as their food even in hard to reach places. The product provides a long-lasting cleaning and odour control. Moreover our beneficial microorganisms are much more powerful than harmful bacteria take all the nutrients and dangerous bacteria die.

Removes stains and odours with the Power of  nature, no chemistry.
Stain+Odour Eliminator belongs to our range of products designed to protect our health and the environment through the bio-enzymatic power of nature.


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Stain+Odour Eliminator (2pcs) 2 x 500ml
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