Stain+Odour Eliminator (2pcs)

Stain+Odour Eliminator (2pcs)

Stain+Odour Eliminator uses the nature´s Bio-enzymatic process to remove odour and stain (urine, excrements, sweat, vomit, smoke, food, ...) caused by humans and animals on carpets, upholstered furniture, textiles, curtains, shoes, pet beddings, ...

Stain+Odour Eliminator contains concentrated powerful beneficial microorganisms  that eliminate dirt/waste/odour directly at the place of origin - decompose dirt and consume it as their food even in hard to reach places. The product provides a long-lasting cleaning and odour control. Moreover our beneficial microorganisms are much more powerful than harmful bacteria take all the nutrients and dangerous bacteria die.

Stain+Odour Eliminator belongs to our range of products designed to protect our health and the environment through the bio-enzymatic power of nature.

Power of  nature, no chemistry.

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Stain+Odour Eliminator (2pcs) 2 x 500ml
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