Why you should use Bio-enzymatic Cleaning Products? – True Nature Revolution

1. Effectiveness
  • Bio-enzymatic products not only clean but they eliminate the waste ( dirt, fat, organic soil, ...) completely by eating it up. Chemical based cleaning products just loosen the waste which is then displaced usually to the wastewater. 

  • Micro-organisms in bio-enzymatic products can penetrate into very small cracks and crevices where traditional chemicals often cannot get into and eliminate soils.

  • The beneficial micro-organisms are left as residuals and can keep working for many hours after application, ensuring that soils and malodours are fully removed. Bio-enzymatic cleaners ensure long-lasting effect.

  • Bio-enzymatic products do not cover up unpleasant odour with chemical perfume (like chemical cleaning products) but truly remove the source of malodours for good (they eat it up).

2. Health and Safety 
  • Bio-enzymatic cleaners are safe for human health. They use non-pathogenic, harmless bacteria rather than chemicals.
    Chemical cleaning products can be irritant and even corrosive to skin and eyes. They are left as residuals on all cleaned surfaces creating an unhealthy chemical environment (breathing dangerous chemical vapours and touching irritant surfaces). 

  • Through natural competition for food and resources, the non-pathogenic good bacteria help to displace pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria. Good bacteria eat up food resources for the dangerous bacteria and create a naturally sanitized living space.

  • The beneficial, harmless micro-organisms are left as residuals on the cleaned surface and keep working long after the application – assuring a prolonged sanitizing.

3. Green Environment 
  • Bio-enzymatic products are true nature products using the same Bio-enzymatic process nature is using for cleaning our planet Earth.
  • Bio-enzymatic products are environmentally friendly, as the good bacteria consume soils and convert them into carbon dioxide and water - which are readily biodegradable.